The Brakemen Foundation's “Zero Hungry Kids” mandate will see Calgary become a flagship city for feeding every child in grades K-6 that require breakfast, a snack or lunch throughout the school day in the Calgary school system.

“It is with great pleasure to express my gratitude for the wonderful hospitality received from the Brakemen Foundation team during the Calgary Stampede 2014. As a recently appointed Consul of Mexico for Alberta & Saskatchewan and my first Stampede in the City, being hosted by the Brakemen Foundation to the Chuckwagon races, enjoying great food and meeting many people,
having a private tour to the barns and meeting some of the drivers it certainly was the highlight of my Calgary Stampede.

We support the mandate of the Brakemen Foundation focused on helping Children in the Calgary
and surrounding areas and wish you all the best in your good efforts!”

Cecilia Villanueva Bracho CONSUL OF MEXICO IN CALGARY